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Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals encompass a broad range of unique chemical products tailored to specific industrial applications. They are engineered to meet the diverse needs of industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and aerospace. These chemicals enable innovative solutions and advanced materials to drive progress and enhance product performance.

• Available Grades/Products:

• Chemicals

• Stearic Acid

• Peg 4000

• Paraffin Wax

Ra Wax

➣ RAWAX1080

➣ RAWAX 6300

➣ RAWAX0203

• Polyethylene Wax

Zinc Oxides

➣ White Seal

➣ Active

➣ Rubber Grade


➣ Tyre Sulphur

➣ Mc Sulphur

➣ Insoluable Sulphur

Titanium Di Oxide

➣ Anatise

➣ Rutyle

• Others

➣ Petroleum Resins

➣ C I Resins

➣ P F Resins

➣ Sodium Sterate

➣ Potassium Sterate

➣ Magnesium Oxide

➣Silicone Emulsion

➣ Silicone Oils

Coupling Agents

➣ S I 69


➣ White

➣ Brown

➣ Golden


➣ Zinc

➣ Calcium

Astm Oils

➣ NO1

➣ NO2

➣ NO3

Precipitated Silica

➣ NK3


➣ NK5

➣ NK70

➣ Fumed Silica

Each of these products plays a vital role in numerous industries, contributing to the creation of high-quality, durable, and technologically advanced products. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or healthcare sector, understanding the capabilities of these materials is crucial to selecting the right solution for your specific needs.

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