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Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is known for its exceptional temperature resistance and flexibility. It is widely used in industries like electronics, healthcare, and aerospace. With its ability to maintain its properties in extreme heat and cold, it is invaluable for gaskets, seals, and various electrical applications.

• Available Grades/Products:

➣ General Purpose Grades

➣Transparent Grades

➣ Low Compression Set Grades

➣ High Mechanical Strength Grades

➣Flame Retardant Grades And Many More

Important Features of Silicone Rubber:

Temperature Resistance: The remarkable adaptability of silicone rubber to a broad spectrum of temperatures is one of its best qualities. It is adaptable and functional across a wide range of temperatures, from very cold temperatures to heats exceeding 200°C (392°F).

Chemical Resistance: Due to silicone rubber's exceptional resistance to both water and a wide range of chemicals, it can be used in abrasive settings and applications where moisture or chemical exposure is a problem.

Electrical Insulation: Silicone rubber is useful for applications in the electrical and electronics industries due to its superior electrical insulating qualities.

Flexibility: This material is incredibly flexible, which makes it simple to work with and appropriate for a wide range of gasket and sealing applications.

Biocompatibility: When it comes into touch with the human body, silicone rubber is safe and biocompatible. It is frequently utilized in healthcare and medical items, including catheters, medical implants, and baby bottle nipples.

UV and Weather Resistance: Due to silicone rubber's strong resistance to UV rays and weather, it can be utilized outside without experiencing noticeable deterioration over time.

1. General Purpose Silicone Rubber : Hardness 10 to 90 Hardness

2. Transparent : Hardness 10 to 90 Hardness

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